Values and Practices



  • Our honey is ethically-harvested, we take only the excess from what bees need for comfortable and worry-free life. 
  • We never take honey out just to feed bees with sugar instead.


  • We apply good management practices for best health and well-being of bees.
  • Our bees are located in a clean environment with multi-floral sources.
  • We use individualized approach for each honeybee colony, even if it means more work and time.
  • We continue to educate ourselves and stay up to date with regulations and best practices.
  • Our beehives and other products are built by Helmut from our own wood. 


  • We only offer raw honey that is high quality, not filtered (only strained through large mesh), not heated and not pasteurized.
  • We are proud to say that our honey and beeswax are pure and clean of chemicals that leave residue in the hives. We don't apply prophylactic antibiotic treatments as we are focused on preventing diseases and pests inside beehives in the first place. If necessary, we use certified organic treatments strictly following instructions and only during time when honey is not harvested. 
  • Garlic is grown from certified organic seeds, using natural practices only (we'll spend the time weeding and will never spray!).

Environmentally Conscious

  • Farm is supplied by solar!
  • We plant variety of forage that supports native bees as well as honey bees, and never use insecticides or pesticides. 
  • We minimize the use of plastic in our beekeeping operation (no plastic frames or foundation which has to be replaced every few years).
  • In our daily lives, we grow a lot of our own food and we stick to shopping locally. We believe in supporting local neighboring businesses, which also minimizes our environmental impact as a result of transportation emissions.

Youth Employer

  • We are proud to be one of Mission's employers that focuses on local youth development and showing opportunities in business and agriculture.