Organic - Bio Fondabee Fondant

$4.10 CAD - $3,480.00 CAD

We distribute directly from Belgian manufacturer. Prices are as indicated. Shipping extra, there is no tax on animal feed.

BIO Fondabee 1kg - 12 packages per box
BIO Fondabee 2,5kg - 5 packages per box
70 Boxes per Pallet

Beefeed in its purest form:

Natural beefeed based on sugar and glucose, fully in line with the sugar spectrum of the natural feed of the bees, honey, which makes Belgosuc beefeed the perfect alternative to feed your bees in a healthy way when supplementation is required. Ready-to-use packaging enables both the hobby beekeeper and the professional bee farmer to easily feed their bees. With 25 years of experience in the development of beefeed and approved by the Belgian Agency of Food and Feed, Belgosuc is active in whole Europe and Canada with its beefeed range.

Fondant paste with a lab controlled sugar spectrum on sucrose, dextrose, fructose, maltose and higher sugars offering an optimal sugar balance for bees.
SO2 level lower than 10 ppm
HMF level in Fondabee/Fondabeefruc < 20 ppm
(HMF = hydroxymethyl furfural, which is toxic for bees)
No traces of Neonicotinoids